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NO YOU MAY NOT USE MY ART AS STOCK "ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) why u no reed?!!

Also don't be rude. I take constructive criticism well, but I Ignore trolling or complete dicks who just feel like being "themselves" for no damn reason, I've had enough drama :/. I unwatch inactive watchers who are gone for a month or more. Sorry if I am so stern and people think I am a jerk but this is an art site and I am tired of trying to please everyone. Unwatching is not the same as blocking. You can block me if you want. But keep in mind I am always respectful to everyone, here is no disrespect in unwatching. But you do what you think is best and leave me to do what I think is best which is walk our separate ways with no conflict. no need for drama

Matthew 6:23
"but if your eyesight is bad, your whole body will be dark. If however the very light within you is darkness, how dense must the darkness be!"

my eye sight is going, and I am dense, and my darkness won

I'd say I take commissions but I gave up so... fuck it
interesting how people thing that they can take advantage of emotionally weak people... then again I am the "devil" apparently.

Random Favourites

Enjoy these
and watch them cuz they are worth it.. or not... if you want... you know...
no pressure.

If you wanna suggest cosplays let me know so I can fave em. I like elite stuff it also helps with refference. the more complex the pose the better and at times I like simple poses and expressions.

also fuck you deviantart for the llamas. fuck you blue.
it's stupid, I don't like it and yet it is forced upon... may DA get a horrible lawsuit for each Llama I received.


:iconnull-entity: :iconaograi: :iconalisakiss: :icontheprincessbee: :iconthree-gun: :iconayelid: :icondarkallegiance666:


Benny Grau
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Puerto Rico
about me:


dear DA :iconyodaplz: for the llama, give us more options! cmon! how about cats? or Doggies or bears? pedo bear? 0.0 hell make megaman ones if you got the license to.
I'm very moody ( I warned you if you didn't read before watching don't complain)
follow me on newgrounds at:…
This mainly has fanarts of some cult classics, some are very obscure and very very few are mainstream things
and there is some original work in here too. Depends on my mood swings.
ok just posted the last Galaxy rangers pic
anyone seen the new inspector gadget show?
I caught 2 eps, Dr Klaw has a nephew now, and it seems in a way
to pick up where the series ended cuz I swear they stuck klaw on an icebergh
and took his...well...claw. Gadget gets an upgrade and screws it up
cuz his universe cant handle himk summoning thing sproperly, not that
it matters. all characters are back, Penny is grown up, the style is almoostthe same
only in really nice CG and it seems to stay fun to watch.
I was also watching Star vs the forces of evil , looks like scott pilgrim meets
rainbow bright.... the one from the remake who is completely insane and overly upbeat with this parodied feel until it actually gets serious but it doesn't mock it, it seems to pay homage
and sets the mood and gets a lil serious which was a lil sad cuz it coul work as a lil comedy BUT star is doing this exact thing and better and also happy Gravity Falls got some eps done.
honestly it's funny to me and not like world of gumball which has this ....cynical, bitterness
to it and get smean spirited at times with it's point rather than focus on being funny and
do what it does best, show how awesome the show can be which is why I give gumball a pass. I get my bitter whimsy from simpsons XD will it get cancelled? who knows,
they might cancel it and order episodes of teen titans go... piece of shhhhhho
I got to see the suicide squad roster, loved em except for will smith... just ... why?
now I will sing the fresh prince theme when I see Deadshot with out the mask XD 
I hope he does wear the eye patch and bandages or mask, its so cool looking
but he wont cuz like Cruise, and nicholson he wont cover his face.
machinima orderd many DC shows and even Robocop gets a show.
loved daredevil series though.

gonna work on another pic. I sort of had this account abandoned except for my rants.
not that people enjoy those but I wanna keep it going :p

water rationing will start due to the drought
the bottle blonde jerk from chanel four still comes off as overbaring and stupid adding information and talking over everyone, at least SM Fleming was smarter! Heck even La Burbu ( mmuspect to her) is more entertaining and NICER personality wise. goes to show
looks get you so far. I am glad on a side note an anchor woman got to be embassador

man I hope it rains, man I hope they arrest every politician here
man I hope I get a real job
even working on YT would be nice if my comp could handle video rendering...
otherise I would be doing flash movies
not that I will post on NG that's impossible at this point. I'm not the "gather a following " type
otherwise I would be doing good in talent house where popularity matters more than your work. which is not fun, imagine if we picked atheletes on charisma and not talent like we do singers and artists and writers. yup we pick em on how well they hide steroid use baby!


anyways I hope yall have a great Mothers day weekend
  • Listening to: The Aquabats
  • Reading: Leo Tolstoy books
  • Playing: illuminatimass 2014
  • Drinking: mango juice

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AOGRAI Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the fav
Fataxe Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Yo Ben,

Happy Birthday!  Sorry I'm late, I tried contacting you via email.  I hope you are doing well and have many awesome projects in the works.
nemesislivezx Featured By Owner May 22, 2015  Student Artist
There is a proposal.

To have "Blaze Fielding" Do you think cute that the cosplay heroine "Mona" of "Streets of Rage 3"?

This is the cosplay.

Mona and Lisa…

#streetsofrage #streetsofrage3 #blazefielding #mona #lisa #onihime #yasha #bareknuckle #bareknuckle3 #cosplay
AOGRAI Featured By Owner May 11, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Kool saw it
ArtBennyRGrau Featured By Owner May 9, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
in google search
Powerman 5000
and their videos for
*worlds collide
*ultra mega
and I think you might like his cyber punk style. he basically narrates cyberpunk stuff like Billy Idol in his music and songs.
he is Rob Zombie's brother
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