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NO YOU MAY NOT USE MY ART AS STOCK "ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) why u no reed?!!

Also don't be rude. I take constructive criticism well, but I Ignore trolling or complete dicks who just feel like being "themselves" for no damn reason, I've had enough drama :/. I unwatch inactive watchers who are gone for a month or more. Sorry if I am so stern and people think I am a jerk but this is an art site and I am tired of trying to please everyone. Unwatching is not the same as blocking. You can block me if you want. But keep in mind I am always respectful to everyone, here is no disrespect in unwatching. But you do what you think is best and leave me to do what I think is best which is walk our separate ways with no conflict. no need for drama

Matthew 6:23
"but if your eyesight is bad, your whole body will be dark. If however the very light within you is darkness, how dense must the darkness be!"

my eye sight is going, and I am dense, and my darkness won

I'd say I take commissions but I gave up so... fuck it
interesting how people thing that they can take advantage of emotionally weak people... then again I am the "devil" apparently.

Random Favourites

Enjoy these
and watch them cuz they are worth it.. or not... if you want... you know...
no pressure.

If you wanna suggest cosplays let me know so I can fave em. I like elite stuff it also helps with refference. the more complex the pose the better and at times I like simple poses and expressions.

also fuck you deviantart for the llamas. fuck you blue.
it's stupid, I don't like it and yet it is forced upon... may DA get a horrible lawsuit for each Llama I received.


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Benny Grau
Artist | Professional | Varied
Puerto Rico
about me:

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This mainly has fanarts of some cult classics, some are very obscure and very very few are mainstream things
and there is some original work in here too.
I hope you all had a happy new years thing :)
I started the year great... until I let it get ruined by a text message from someone I cut ties with because of a dick move he did. amazing how one little thing got to me. I put up with heavy stuff from jerks all year and that got to me of all things. amazing! I deleted it and moved on. I recall mentioning how I wanted to listen to motivational vids on YT and the asshat who was a friend killed my buzz saying that was stupid and it was cultist sales pitch swindler propaganda, instead of simply using the good bits in the video rather than ignore it altogether. then he ranted about sopa being a good thing. It got me down but I realized that
1. he wasn't a friend he was some old prick trying to take out his anger on me
2. I didnt have to stay near a person who makes me feel angry all the time
3. I may be alone but I have real life friends and I should try to find positive people so that influences me
and I can create a better place for myself. 

like with people, relationships, fandoms, ideals, creeds etc if you put any of it ona pedestal, and it lets you down, you only have yourself to blame, since all of those things are imperfect and prone to flaw via several elements that are called variables, humans varying by certain degrees yet having much in common in the way of having the same reaction under said variable, like say we all get angry depending on x= that one thing that sets you off personally,
then yeah we are the same, how ever x for me is not the same to you. X for me could be I get mad at astro turf
while x to you could be anger at magical trees who give you these stupid missions where you get an item to
get another item to have someone tell you where to go and you end up killing monsters left and right to level up
only to be let down that you spent 8 hours back tracking and THEN you figure out that there was a guide online
and it said you had to spin near a door and talk to an elf at a place you missed in order to get every dam secret and
OFF TANGENT! yeah, we all get mad at some level, yeah it's simplistic BUT my point is, is it really worth it to
be mad at the same damn thing that happened 10 years ago, or some trivial thing that set you off? maybe you were havinga horrible year, and you have PTSD or some condition of the nerves, of fatigue which influence in lowering serotonin levels whcih give depression a home. which ever the problem is, you can raise those levels with just being in a bright light room, wearing 
bright colors, dropping depressive angry music, socializing more, and putting some effort, but if you really dont feel like it, you can always let it go and move on right? That guy hates you cuz you did a dick move to him and he wont pick up the phone so you lost a friend of 20 years? he told you to walk yoru separate ways? then walk away! stop trying to get em back. they will despise you rather than simply think of you time to time and moving on.
so that girl you loved dumped you, got pregnant with some abusive jerk and he left her adn she is now with some guy doing drugs? well that's not yoru problem, you shouldnt be happy she is messed up either, stop creeping around her,
you probably helped send her there with your pressuring or maybe she just despises you so much she rather suffer
with someone else. That show or movie or ideal was "twisted" by your peers and those you respect let you down
doing something you conceptualize as immoral? do you hate them and bitch over n over or do you let it go?
this year, lets try to , not saying we should all get along and sing camp songs, but lets try to simply, move on!
boohoo that movie I like got a reboot and it sucks now... to you, to others its a masterpiece. I can always watch the originals. boohoo they added some 3d shit to the originals and or changed the audio and its terrible!
sampel before you buy, and dont get it. entertainment is a gamble. Boo hoo Ben is a hardass whiney douche dick. ... wow, dude... just wow... my soul ouch...
:icondeadpool--plz: you dont have one!! oh and watch my movie cumming soon! nyuk nyuk
...=_= srsly?
:icondeadpool--plz: yep... oh and you cant mention my name or Disney's avocados will sue you! avocado avocado... I like that word .......

so where is the artwork ya dick?! 

well soon my pet soon. I was finishing a storyboard for a trailer , it never got made though.
I was gonna do a voiceover too but it never happened. The guy wuit half way, so if I dont get 
any calls soon I will post some of those works here. the contract does not impede me from it.
plus I will credit his idea. it was a shitty contract though XD

I wll try to make also more aquabat art and possibly some TNMT or thundercats or something.
I liek doing obscure stuff because it doesnt get much love. maybe I shoudl do a Luno or coolmccool
art, I dunno. anyways yall take care now, be yourselves and if you got fruit cake and you hate it
send it to me. I love me some fruitcake omnomnom


cmon I wanted yall to enjoy and not undergo my highhorse sanctimonious holier than thou bullshit
and enjoy this bullshit which I like cuz I am imposing my tastes on you! YAY! XD
jk, yall do your thang
  • Listening to: Otis Jiry's narrations
  • Reading: Aquabats lyrics
  • Watching: the screen
  • Playing: vortex point games
  • Eating: vegetables
  • Drinking: water

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ArtBennyRGrau Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2016  Professional General Artist
oh ok! I remember that. I confuse it with the kid who
had a parasite in his body that is sentient and alien.
I am happy you enjoy the show :D
AOGRAI Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
It is a bit like marvel's Xmen in that they are misunderstood, but deadly. Lack of communication that causes these 2 to not trust each other.
Ghouls need to eat human flesh to survive; anything else they feel sick. The anime is about a boy who is turned into a half human and ghoul due to a transplant.
He starts to realise one day that he is turning into a ghoul and how he learns to manage his transformation with the help of a new family.

To watch:…
ArtBennyRGrau Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2016  Professional General Artist
Looks cool but I can't say that I have. I'm watching Gintama, Jojo, onepunch man and Conan case closed.
I watch with my family so I have to fit in the shedule XD also watching live dramas like city hunter the new series.
what is Tokyo Ghoul about?
AOGRAI Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks my friend for all the favs... but have you watched this anime? Tokyo Ghoul?
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