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About Varied / Professional Benny Grau39/Male/Puerto Rico Recent Activity
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Varied Comissions
These were fanarts in their majority as this gallery is dedicated to such. I do animations ranging from simple ( 35USD a minute) to complex ( 65usd a minute / when I have to ad several characters and my own narration)
Misc comissions
all artworks range from 65usd and up.
Animations are 50 usd per minute depending on complexity.
Like adding narration, several characters and music.

Newest Deviations

Bran Mak Morn :iconartbennyrgrau:ArtBennyRGrau 14 7 Gir Poses for cammera :iconartbennyrgrau:ArtBennyRGrau 8 9 Raideen Art :iconartbennyrgrau:ArtBennyRGrau 7 7 Ultra Shin 3 :iconartbennyrgrau:ArtBennyRGrau 6 3 Ultraman Shin for Rai :iconartbennyrgrau:ArtBennyRGrau 3 19
Mature content
Jaws gift art :iconartbennyrgrau:ArtBennyRGrau 2 15
Henshin Ninja Arashi :iconartbennyrgrau:ArtBennyRGrau 11 9 COMIC TiTANS :iconartbennyrgrau:ArtBennyRGrau 5 0 Grateful :iconartbennyrgrau:ArtBennyRGrau 4 0 Taiga Jo :iconartbennyrgrau:ArtBennyRGrau 11 14 War V War :iconartbennyrgrau:ArtBennyRGrau 30 10 Link :iconartbennyrgrau:ArtBennyRGrau 10 4 47 :iconartbennyrgrau:ArtBennyRGrau 8 7 Grayskull :iconartbennyrgrau:ArtBennyRGrau 4 34 Thundarr The Barbarian :iconartbennyrgrau:ArtBennyRGrau 12 20 Captain power :iconartbennyrgrau:ArtBennyRGrau 15 35
Before you ask me to draw something for you, know I do not work for free.
Some people do free artwork because it's their hobby, or they have a paying job. This IS my job so please understand I ask for money per commission.
They start at 50 usd. I take pay pal. No erotic stuff, hate art or anti political stuff.


NO YOU MAY NOT USE MY ART AS STOCK "ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) why u no reed?!!

Also don't be rude. I take constructive criticism well, but I Ignore trolling or complete dicks who just feel like being "themselves" for no damn reason, I've had enough drama :/. I unwatch inactive watchers who are gone for a month or more. Sorry if I am so stern and people think I am a jerk but this is an art site and I am tired of trying to please everyone. Unwatching is not the same as blocking. You can block me if you want. But keep in mind I am always respectful to everyone, here is no disrespect in unwatching. But you do what you think is best and leave me to do what I think is best which is walk our separate ways with no conflict. no need for drama

Matthew 6:23
"but if your eyesight is bad, your whole body will be dark. If however the very light within you is darkness, how dense must the darkness be!"

Random Favourites

Tree of Joy :icondarkallegiance666:darkallegiance666 45 8 Between Worlds :icondarkallegiance666:darkallegiance666 21 5 Dragon's Den :icondarkallegiance666:darkallegiance666 72 17 Uncle Lars And Aunt Beru Versus Stormtroopers :iconayelid:ayelid 5 0 Hey man nice squeak :icondavidraywood:DavidRaywood 126 68 Ravens and bugs. A Blackhand tattoo :iconmeatshop-tattoo:Meatshop-Tattoo 1,277 137 Floating and Dancing :icondarkallegiance666:darkallegiance666 19 2 Cad Bane Armor :iconayelid:ayelid 4 15 Angel's Day Off :iconaograi:AOGRAI 30 16 Major Kasunagi - Ghost in the Shell :iconaograi:AOGRAI 23 12 Welcome to Gen3 :iconaograi:AOGRAI 10 13 The Crash Site - Wallpaper :iconaograi:AOGRAI 99 94 ROBOT CITY: Gia - Deity of Abundance :iconaograi:AOGRAI 43 46 The Deity - Test Yourself Watchers! :iconaograi:AOGRAI 10 17 Cyber-Girl - Leap Frog - 01Wallpaper :iconaograi:AOGRAI 33 30
Enjoy these
and watch them cuz they are worth it.. or not... if you want... you know...
no pressure.

If you wanna suggest cosplays let me know so I can fave em. I like elite stuff it also helps with reference. the more complex the pose the better and at times I like simple poses and expressions.

Feel free to purchase or request a print.
But that's as free as it gets. I have people to take care of and bills to pay.
Please don't get angry that I ask payment for artwork. Some folks just will not understand.


Benny Grau
Artist | Professional | Varied
Puerto Rico
about me:

follow me on newgrounds at:…
This mainly has fanarts of some cult classics, some are very obscure and very very few are mainstream things
and there is some original work in here too.
i think it's best y'all unwatch me.


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AOGRAI Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Don't be, it's ok. ;)
ArtBennyRGrau Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017  Professional General Artist
i'm sorry about it though. I am really not in a good frame of mind.
AOGRAI Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
ArtBennyRGrau Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017  Professional General Artist
sure :)
but know I am taking care of many things and finishing a few projects and finishing some series atm.
Reading is super difficult for me though not writing. If I had an editor or a team I could finish so much.
AOGRAI Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks bro, hope you downloaded the story for a short read.
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