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NO YOU MAY NOT USE MY ART AS STOCK "ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) why u no reed?!!

Also don't be rude. I take constructive criticism well, but I Ignore trolling or complete dicks who just feel like being "themselves" for no damn reason, I've had enough drama :/. I unwatch inactive watchers who are gone for a month or more. Sorry if I am so stern and people think I am a jerk but this is an art site and I am tired of trying to please everyone. Unwatching is not the same as blocking. You can block me if you want. But keep in mind I am always respectful to everyone, here is no disrespect in unwatching. But you do what you think is best and leave me to do what I think is best which is walk our separate ways with no conflict. no need for drama

Matthew 6:23
"but if your eyesight is bad, your whole body will be dark. If however the very light within you is darkness, how dense must the darkness be!"

my eye sight is going, and I am dense, and my darkness won

I'd say I take commissions but I gave up so... fuck it
interesting how people thing that they can take advantage of emotionally weak people... then again I am the "devil" apparently.

Random Favourites

Enjoy these

and watch them cuz they are worth it.. or not... if you want... you know...
no pressure.

If you wanna suggest cosplays let me know so I can fave em. I like elite stuff it also helps with refference. the more complex the pose the better and at times I like simple poses and expressions.

also fuck you deviantart for the llamas. fuck you blue.
it's stupid, I don't like it and yet it is forced upon... may DA get a horrible lawsuit for each Llama I received.


There are no threads yet!


:iconaograi: :iconalisakiss: :icontheprincessbee: :iconthree-gun: :iconayelid: :icondarkallegiance666:



listening to linking parks albums... I take back anything bad I thought of them. also playing some games on Kong.... I love me some point and clicks, card games there don't seem to bode well.
Nitro Tea Granny by ArtBennyRGrau
Nitro Tea Granny
Splash damage with fire damage for several turns. If you stop her when she flies, she will explode and she takes Friend and foe with her. Only her enemies take lasting fire damage since it's designed to burn up Gnome flesh and tech, allies take half damage. 
Her tea pot navigates in an unstable manner, as unstable as her wild concoction of her patented "Granny Goblin's Nitro-Tea".
Creating it made her lose an arm, an eye and a few toes. All those years brewing fumes left her he is a bit of a nuts, and the explosions made her jumpy.

For a contest. I had fun making this, specially with my job hunt being so unfruitful.  I wanted something wild and I haven't drawn goblins in a few years.  I hope Y'all like it.  180 dpi I usually work at 500 dpi but I didn't want to excert my comp, but it is quite large in height, original is 3600px 5400 tall so everything should be fine. lol I needs a new compy. ^_^ it's been a while since I've had fun :D I hope I'm eligible, either way. I will be back to painting some stuff I am making on the side and hopefully post some fanarts here and original works.
I wish I could make fanart prints XD

Cheers and good luck!
Blackstar by ArtBennyRGrau
I liked this show as a kid.
An astronaut named John Blackstar, stranded on a primitive planet in a distant universe, fights against the tyranny of the vile Overlord.
Owned by Filmation, aired on CBS,
more on the series:

Still my go to filmation show is Bravestarr, then this one. :) funny that the best one for me, Bravestarr was the one that was cancelled and they blamed it on the low toy sales, glad Filmation had priorities straight!
Monster Land Halloween by ArtBennyRGrau
Monster Land Halloween
Just assume they put the candy in inventory lol
all righst go to SEGA
Bock Lee Temjin, Shion and Asha

I got too lazy to draw Asha's lil faithful friend.
I wonder what kind of candy kids get in Monster Land :U
early Halloween pic. enjoy
Sega Party001 by ArtBennyRGrau
Sega Party001
it was posted for a sega fanzine
I did 3 arts :/
so.... guess I will weep in a corner
I feel upset for some reason
a big reason but yeah... I cant believe my good nature did it again
...*shoots self in foot

I wish to Gary Gygax I could land work at wizards even as a janitor and never return to DA again.


Benny Grau
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Puerto Rico
about me:


dear DA :iconyodaplz: for the llama, give us more options! cmon! how about cats? or Doggies or bears? pedo bear? 0.0 hell make megaman ones if you got the license to.
I'm very moody ( I warned you if you didn't read before watching don't complain)
follow me on newgrounds at:…
This mainly has fanarts of some cult classics, some are very obscure and very very few are mainstream things
and there is some original work in here too. Depends on my mood swings.


Sat Jul 19, 2014, 8:10 AM

© Copyright 2010 Journal Skin by Airamneleb…

This crew
is awesomesauce, they made this lil game way back and redressed it to look all pretty and visible and great and yummy and sexy and I decided to plug it.

I've been away doing original artwork for these last few weeks. I wanted to do my realistic artwork. No job yet, I did land a gig photoshopping stuff for some make your peepee last longer in ze sexy sex to pay for bills cuz I cantfind any steady work, and its funny that they ask you to know autocad or some other bullshit like corel bull poppy, and deny you even if you say you are willing to learn... they reply "no time to teach" can you build apage? I know how though, learned to code some css and edit pages but I duno the going rates and I haven't learned to properly build a forum so I am not a pro at it yet, hence I can't say I kbnow. see here , if you aren't a pro, they deny you. and I don't learn that fast. there's fireman positions but I am not In shape and I am 37 atm, and my health is another story. either way I keep some hope alive that atleast I entertaind folks with my chibis and my other art account.
I saw amazing spiderman 2... it as a convoluted mess... fudging sony...
and  playdom can go
eat a bag of Beiber. ( OH SNAP!) 
how many sharks do comics have to jump before they focus on quality and stop alienating their target audience? this time I am speaking in general re: Disney ( Marvel)and Warnerbross ( DC)
they get an audience and lose em. oh boy, love to se ethe inept douches who advise them =_=.

anyways um... happy cuteness day 2014!
:icondeadpoolplz: never change Wade! 

What do ya think of cosplay couples que opinan de los cosplays en pareja? inglaterraykardocsp.deviantart… 

3 deviants said Gives us an article about them. Queremos un artículo sobre ellos.
1 deviant said ITS ROMANTIC!. Es romantico!
No deviants said Give us an interview of these couples. Queremos una entrevista a ellos.
No deviants said sounds fun, suena divertido
No deviants said not into it but they are good for art references. No es lo mio pero son buenos para referencia artistica
No deviants said we want more of your artwork, cosplays are another mater! Queremos más de tus dibujos,los cosplayers son otro asunto.
No deviants said other: explain, otro: explica!
No deviants said Im sharing this with friends and see what they think, compartire el poll con mis amigos a ver que opinan


... in the dark... in the night... so listen... listen and believe because it's all true...
Sun Nov 23, 2014, 6:22 PM
I know now that Ive seen the true face of evil, a dark and shapeless thing that livees not in the spaces that we know of, but between them
Sun Nov 23, 2014, 6:22 PM
it be so nice to land a job as an illustrator and finally move and start my own projects with a good team
Sun Nov 23, 2014, 6:20 PM
all I want is a chance to succeed at something. and prove my worth to my self to show I can
Sun Nov 23, 2014, 6:19 PM
lion maru G, metal Ninja Arashi, Condor star sherifs... Toei is insane! sadly no Gekko Kamen
Mon Sep 29, 2014, 8:33 AM
I HATE LLAMAS! anyone giving me a llama is automatically a faggot since I was clear in how I hate them. I HATE THIS
Wed Sep 24, 2014, 1:27 PM
damn right! I would love to write something intelligent but... well... anger took that away NO MORE LLAMAS PLZ!
Wed Sep 24, 2014, 1:26 PM
don't be a faggot, don't give llamas.... read before you give them.
Wed Sep 24, 2014, 1:25 PM
screw it... the rage has turned in to a need for self termination... DA has broken me...
Fri Mar 7, 2014, 3:54 PM
fuck you deviant art and your faggoty LLAMAS
Fri Mar 7, 2014, 2:55 PM


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Thanks all the same friend.
ArtBennyRGrau Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
np not everyone's cup of tea. audio books are not for all :)
I am emoying them though, from the first book, despite the terrible monotone reading. it helps me paint though.
books are expensive and I simplye listen. I also sat through 8 hours for the first book of John Carter of Mars and the sequels, I could not finish book 3 cuz I found his son to be a bit of a jerk. I dislike arrogant a-hole heroes and he is a bot too arrogant.
AOGRAI Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ok... Sorry did not quite like listening to it. Still prefer playing diablo3
ArtBennyRGrau Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
thanks for the faves and collects. Though I was doing different works for elsewhere :)
im listening to D&D stories like The Crystal Shard by Salvatore about the dual scythe wielding Black Elf Drizzt
AOGRAI Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Kool, will have a look!
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